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Whenever I play a game full of epic quests and mythical creatures ready to challenge me at every step my character is already a warrior known across the world, strong and witty. Another common thing is having a “Hero’s Journey” character, a guy who starts out weak and a nobody and is given a quest to save the world, like throwing the Ring in Mount Doom or something.

I don’t prefer playing as a woman in every game, but when I do, she must look the part of an adventurer. Apart from the Lara Crofts of gaming that we all know and love, there are more female characters that are capable of stealing the show. I’ll introduce one of them to you right now, Ida, the protagonist of Windscape.

Windscape is a first person adventure game where we play as Ida, a girl who lives in a floating island that is in danger of crashing down to the ground, something that we have to stop of course. The game is currently on Early Access, which meant I couldn’t play through every mission in the game. However, I played enough to get a good idea of Windscape. Every mission in the game, whether it is a main or a side one, leans quite heavily on the element of exploration, which the game makes quite rewarding. In one of my first missions, I had the chance to explore an environment reminiscent of the Legend of Zelda games, which is a very nice nostalgic Easter Egg by the developer.

The game’s environment is full of coulours, particularly bright ones. This makes Windscape feel a bit childish, in a great way. It feels like a Pixar movie. There might not be huge dragons and the like, but there are warrior rats, insects and a boss that will give you quite the taste of battle. The game’s combat system is quite simplistic, having only options for attack and defense. Αlthough you can find and craft quite a variety of weapons, none of them change the way combat works, making it a bit monotonous. However, Windscape is more an exploration focused game than a combat one. The environment available for us to explore is quite big and full of caves, secret passages and more, with loot awaiting everywhere.

However, it is exploration that made me notice some issues with the game’s assets, which seem to not be placed entirely correctly. I’m not talking about areas that most players wouldn’t even think of going, but areas where side quests may be. When it comes to general performance however, the game flows quite smoothly, making it available for the vast majority. Generally, Windscape is a more casual game that will appeal to more casual gamers, or even those who seek some respite from more complicated games. The game looks and seems very childish, which evokes some very nostalgic feelings. Windscape reminded me a bit of when I was a kid and was still exploring in Zelda games. Although I love games like the Witcher, with epic scenery and stakes, more simple games like Windscape have a charm of their own. I’m eagerly expecting newer updates from the game!

You can find Windscape on Steam at the price of 16,99€

Preview was written by Vasilis “Eniantas” Kamakaris

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