Win That War! now on Greenlight

Insane Unity‘s first game “Win That War!” is now live on Steam Greenlight and it needs your vote.

Win That War! is a massive scale real-time strategy game, putting thousands of players at the heart of a single campaign of fierce galactic conquest. Discover new planets. Develop your arsenal. Strive to be the best to extend the domination of your corporation.

The game will put players on three different factions Jet Blum, Atlas and Nasca, fighting on a vintage futuristic world to conquer territories on a planetary scale at any cost. The way the game plays out is that you start from the bottom of the line and you grow your power and abilities as you progress. Classic strategy element but we are looking forward to seeing what other awesome things the game has to offer beyond its classic strategy style

The game is coming on Steam PC, in March 2017. For more about Win That War! follow Insane Unity on Facebook and Twitter.

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