Widower’s Sky appears on Steam Greenlight

Canadian game developer Whaleo┬árecently proceeded to add their newest game, Widower’s Sky, to Steam Greenlight. Along with that inclusion came a beautiful trailer, which you can see right here.

Widower’s Sky follows a father, son and dog across a strange planet. As they search for home, they jump through portals with unknown consequences. Each portal sends the family to a new environment where they endure a daunting journey of towering buildings and beautiful vistas. Equipped with only his bow, the father must fight against the wildlife (lions, tigers, bears and more) while keeping the son fed and rested.

While there is not much info yet on the game’s Greenlight page and its website, there is enough to make me excited. The game looks stunning, with amazing colours and vibrant landscapes. I really liked the way the textures seemed to blend together in the trailer. On top of that, the voice acting also seems to be top notch. In terms of gameplay, not much has been revealed, apart from the game being a mix of survival, puzzle and platforming.

Widower’s Sky is set for a first half of 2017 release on PC and iOS, with more platforms coming later.

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