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Ok, this is an interesting one.

Elk is a fictional island. Elk is the afterlife. It can be both. Elk is a narrative adventure that tells true, humorous and often tragic stories under a lighthearted and humorous disguise. You play the role of Frigg and through your adventures on the island you will meet people who all have a story to tell. If the final game will be like the demo, this will be an experience to remember for sure.

The demo has a surreal vibe going on throughout, it feels like you’re playing a dream sequence. For some reason the story development together with the musical choices reminded me the cut scenes from Hotline Miami. That game also had that dreamy essence to it. It’s like the characters live in purgatory. During the game there are some musical numbers where you can press buttons and sing along with the music. Especially the final one reminded me of the movie Dancer in the Dark, a film where the drama of its scenes was counter balanced with the absurd lightheartedness of its musical numbers.

The essence of the true stories is still there, even though the developers took some liberties to protect the real people. When you know that and play the game, it makes for a more visceral experience. I felt that the video in the end of the demo was like a light punch in the gut.

If everything I wrote up until now put you off about the game, I’d say reconsider. Play the demo and you will know if you want to experience the whole game when it releases. If you like true crime stories and documentaries, you will get something very similar here, under the guise of a lighthearted, comedic and surreal adventure game. I think it is definitely worth it though.

Watch the trailer here
Wishlist on Steam and play the demo here

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