Void Bastards – Review

In the far far future, reality will eventually, warp and twist till it no longer resembles our own. That doesn’t mean however that you’ll be able to escape the rehydratable packet of outlaw chips? That we’re all set to become in Blue Manchu’s New title Void Bastards, published by the ever generous humble bundle company.

Stepping into the desolate world of void bastards, turned into a hilarious comic book style adventure through empire controlled space. Always curious, after my first few encounters with the unique denizens of these derelicts, I was excited to see the captivating traps each floating hunk of junk held in store.

The first thing that hit me after the beautiful ascetic of the place though. Was that the expected and ever present danger, that instills fear in the beginning. Initially seems to take a back seat after your first introduction, opting for a more gradual difficulty ramp.

As welcome a change as a nice gradual difficulty curve. Allowing for those of us not use to survival strategic rogue-lites, the task falls on you to keep agency on increasing that difficulty. Beware this means you can sometimes, find yourself getting bogged down in a bit of repetitive shopping list shenanigans between each ship, till you reach your desired destination and difficulty increase.

My Currently Suitable “Employee”

What certainly helps elevate any repetitive shopping shenanigans, is the surprising amount of crazy homemade gadgetry on display. From the staple gun of doom! (Or more commonly known as the starting weapon) to the roaming RC car of adorableness that is KittyBot. Each creation, resides in your ships hold, for further use should you die and need to rehydrate another “employee” all with their own unique quirks.

The biggest appeal of Void Bastards, above all else however, has to be it’s large replay value. With plenty of surprises along the way to keep gameplay fresh. (One of which being Foon mode which asks you to do it all again, this time armed with nothing but a piece of cheap plastic space-cutlery?!)

Beware the Doom of Foon Mode!

If surviving on, canned bake bean sandwiches and copious amounts of free fuel is your speed. You won’t find anything nearly as unique, with multiple different difficulty modes and modifiers. To keep you giggling with glee the next time a juvenile mutant, calls you a butt-face.

+ Unique Art style

+ Unique humor in a grim world

+ The Stella gadgets

+ Replay Value and a chose it yourself difficulty curve

– occasionally feels repetitive

Score: 8.2/10

Void bastards is available on steam for $42.95 AUD or your regional equivalent here.

Special thanks goes to Blue Manchu & Humble Bundle for providing a copy of Void bastards for this review.

~Aaron Nicholls

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