Valve asks developers to show actual screenshots from their games

Valve just made a move that will help customers understand better what the game they are watching on the store page is all about. As Escapist Magazine reports, Valve sent an email to developers with guidelines, stating that from now on they are forbidden to use concept art, cinematic stills or marketing copy as screenshots at the “Screenshot” section of their store page.

Moreover, they are requested to take action and change all screenshots that do not follow their guidelines. To give an example, Valve themselves started changing the store page of Dota 2, stating “Dota 2 is an example of where we were doing it wrong ourselves.”. The screenshot guidelines will take full effect and be advantageous to developers when “Discovery Updade 2.0 hits Steam in the coming weeks. With it comes another request for games with sensitive subjects (nudity, violence etc.), to flag appropriate screenshots for all ages, in order for them to appear in a broader audience.

Both guidelines seem very positive, especially the one about showing actual gameplay screenshots. This will definitely help us customers to get a better idea about the game we are interested. You can read the in depth Valve guidelines here.

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