ValFaris – Heavy Metal In Space

ValFaris is a heavy metal, Si-Fi, 2D Action-Platformer created by Steel Mantis and published by Digital Uppercut Productions. This week we tested the Junk Yard Level in their Beta Build and decided to bring you our thoughts.

Valfaris is an excellent title from what we’ve tried thus far, it perfectly marries the old titles metal slug and Contra with heavy metal and what feels like an adaptation of Warhammer 40,000’s Space marines. 
This lovely mix will undoubtedly bring out some nostalgia as you slash through hordes of robot dogs, laughing at the flailing decapitated aliens along the way to your objective.

Die Alien Scum!

While making you feel like a god creature, invading a world to murder it’s entire inhabitants. Valfaris also introduces some relatively new concepts to run alongside the old.
Each level features checkpoints that you can chose to use or forgo, if your chose the latter you’ll gain additional increases to your health and shields as well as upgrade medals. The shields can be manually activate at any time to block incoming fire, however the drawback of this power is that your unable preform any other actions while your shields are in effect.

Valfaris also sports an arsenal of additional weapons to get to grips with, the list includes Plasma Guns, Gatling Guns and Heavy Shotguns, to name a few. Each weapon has unique upgrades available to those who scourer the level for upgrade medals or Forgoing checkpoints in exchange for these medals.

The infernal infirmary’s armory

The soundtrack is also excellent for this games theme, shredding guitar solo’s and trashing metal is a prevalent feature to match the ascetic, this is undoubtedly before you drench it in the blood of fallen bosses, of course. 

Valfaris will be releasing on Steam in 2019 and we can’t wait to spill more alien blood along it’s gory halls.
In the meantime those who are interested in trying it out for themselves can download the beta between the 14th and 31st of December here.

~ Aaron Nicholls

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