Unleash your instincts in Nocturnal Hunt

Wolf Pack challenges players into a dark and twisted hunting with their new game, Nocturnal Hunt.

Experience unique gameplay as you take the role of a wolf. An evil cult of hunters captured your cub and dragged it to Brasov – their village. Stalk your opponets through a gloomy forest and rip them to pieces. Save your cub and take vengeance. The players will choose to play as a wolf in 4 different areas as they try to destroy the hunters with a variety of stealth attacks and with their only goal to survive and reap the rewards at the end of the game.

Nocturnal Hunt is currently on Steam Greenlight and needs your vote for a release on Steam marketplace.

The Wolf Pack is a team of 15 independent game developers mostly from Berlin. Nocturnal Hunt was born at the Games Academy as a students project in the third and fourth semester. The title has a  strongly influenced by games like Thief, Bloodbourne but also old titles like Gothic I.

For new and updates about Nocturnal Hunt follow the game on official website, Facebook and Twitter.

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