Unforeseen Incidents Gamescom 2017 Interview

The world is threatened by a deadly virus, the majority of the human race has been wiped out. Amid this apocalyptic disaster, young Harper Pendrell receives a radio message, requesting him to warn Yelltown’s survivors since “they are coming“. A journey full of mysteries, inexplicable questions, and terrifying revelations begins and before he knows it, Harper finds himself in the middle of an adventure that affects the future of the whole human race.

The game is made by Backwoods Entertainment.

We had the pleasure of talking with Matthias Nikutta at Gamescom and he told us that the game is a classic point and click adventure where the hero finds a dying woman in the street and he unwittingly stumbles in a diabolical conspiracy that also involves a deadly virus. Our hero named Harper will have to investigate the events and prevent the spread of the disease, even if that means costing him his life.

The 3 person team from Germany focus on a nicely written dialogue that among the seriousness of the events, it is still being funny. Matthias told us that another aspect of the game that they focus is the visual style and we can see it from the screenshots and the actual gameplay from the Gamescom version of the game. He also told us that he feels lucky that he and his team already found a publisher and they are aiming for a release in October 2017. Until that time they are working on polishing the game and adding voice acting. We at Hyper Light Up are definitely going to keep our eyes open for Unforseen Incidents.

You can learn more about the game through its TwitterSteam page, Facebook page and website.

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