UnderRaid Gamescom 2017 Interview

UnderRaid is a fast paced, messy tactics game in a fantasy setting. Lead a hand full of heroes (the raiders) to victory or defend your rightful homestead with the monsters (underlings) and the mighty boss (the Keeper).

The game is made by Dynamic Deadlines.

We had the chance to talk with Joris Drobka at Gamescom and he told us a few things about the game. UnderRaid is a one versus one online competitive tactics game where a player controls the hero entering the dungeon and trying to loot it, while the other controls the monsters, defending it.

The game is designed around fast gameplay, with a tight timer where the players will have to think and act fast. The developer said that UnderRaid is inspired by blitz chess with elements of Heroes of Might and Magic and Dungeon Keeper, but their biggest inspiration was that the developers wanted to have the option to play as the dragon. He continued saying that the main point is that there is no grid in the game, it is very physical and a character or enemy with bigger size can push people around, and that makes for a more dynamic environment and battles.

Dynamic Deadlines consists of seven developers and UnderRaid is the first game they are working on. Development begun three years ago and they just released the alpha version of the game. A full release is planned for next year.

Check out the game’s Website and Twitter for more.

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