Unbox’s developer speaks about making games

It is not every day that we see people come out and speak from their heart about all the efforts and hardships they have been through when risking both time and money in order to make a game. Most of you may have already seen the movie “Indie Game: The Movie” so you could relate the following to what you’ve seen there too.

So word goes out to Andrew Bennison, one of the developers over at Prospect Games studio, who prepared a really inspiring article on medium.com, as well as a video talking about the things he wrote in front of the camera too.

We figured it would be nice to share this effort of him trying to reach out to people that may be wondering if developing games is really worth it in the end of the day. We here at Hyper Light Up, being from Greece and having started from there, in a country full of problems (of all sorts, not just economic) have all had experiences, either personal ones, or ones that we’ve had from friends and family who went through the same thing, with actually pushing our boundaries and taking the risk to do what we aspired and dreamt of doing. It goes far beyond the cliche of “follow your dreams” and it is really hard to convince someone to take the risk and do it, especially when he/she has all sorts of things holding him/her back.

Thank you Andrew for proving once again that the indie spirit is strong in this industry and that there are still people out there, striving to achieve the what would seem impossible.

You can check out the studio’s newly released game, Unbox, over at Steam.

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