Twin Flames: an action 2D platformer on Kickstarter

Fat Panda Games are currently runing their newest project on Kickstarter, Twin Flames an action 2D platformer with roguelike elements.

The game will release on Steam and has an estimated release on November 2017. In Twin Flames, the players will take the control of Joachim, the Sun God and Boaz, the moon goddess who are trapped on a cycle, running and needing to kill each other for all eternity to create the day Рnight circle. This time the fate of this balance is in your own hands, to brake this balance and stop this tragedy.

The game was designed as a pixel art platformer and provides fast-paced combat, several weapons, spells and other collectibles, exploration, fun and of course an interesting story. Twin Flames needs 200.000$ as the main Kickstarter goal and they have only 24 days before the deadline.

For more information about Twin Flames, follow the game on official website, Facebook and Twitter.

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