Tsioque, the tale of a lil’ princess

If you are not familiar with Alex Wasilewski’s work or the OhNoo Studio’s previous work Tormentum, then you are in for a treat. Tsioque is here to take you on a point and click adventure that will enchant you all the way through.

Enter a world where Tsioque’s Kingdom is in trouble and we are the ones that must click away on our screens in order to guide her through perils and various puzzle situations in order to save her and the very kingdom itself. The game itself is a very simple point and click game but even easier than your average adventure game since all you have to do is basically just click on things, unlike other games of its genre that end up complicating things with huge dialogs, inventory bags full of obscure items and a whole other things that end up taking away from the core experience that is supposed to be an adventure game; an interactive tale.

Tsioque is beautifully drawn and animated. There is not really much else that one could say on that. If you are not familiar with the previous work of the artist then you might find watching Lucky Day Forever worth your while, which is a 15-minutes animated piece that very much resembles the same style we see in Tsioque too. The “gameplay” part of it all is hardly even something worth discussing since the ease of use in the game is actually something that makes the whole interactive tale play out flawlessly.

Sound design wise, the game is not that rich but it puts itself nicely in a very ominous atmosphere reminding us that Tsioque is indeed in a dangerous situation constantly trying to escape the clutches of evil forces. So, if anything, the minimal sound design and music implementation is pretty much on spot.

This game very heavily reminded me of various animated movies with a mix of Disney along something heavier and more atmospheric. As a gameplay experience it is most definitely something very light and casual. Something that you can put on now and then and play through a few scenes. Let’s just say that it fit perfectly in my daily routine of adventure game playing. Either that, or I played through a few scenes while eating my breakfast before work.

The story of Tsioque is actually very touching. At first it is not very apparent and not at all intriguing or engaging, but once you spend a good hour or so on the game, you start realizing how helping little princess Tsioque is so important. These sort of games usually do not have the strongest of plot lines but Tsioque manages to serve perfectly as a story that is both engaging and quite emotional at the end of it all.

TSIOQUE is available on Steam for the price of 11.59 Euro.

If you are an adventure games fan, hardcore or not, TSIOQUE will most definitely be a very pleasant addition to your library since it offers a few good hours of relaxing gameplay with a story that is not forgettable.

+ Beautifully drawn and animated

+ Relaxing and easy to understand gameplay of point and clicking

– Would have loved a few more hours of content, but alas, that’s how these handdrawn tales go.

Score: 8.9/10

~Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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