Trouble In Paradise? – Rapture Rejects

Unfortunately we’ve got some bad news this week.
The game industry hasn’t been kind to Galvanic Games and Explosm Games latest title Rapture Rejects.

With player counts sitting dangerously low, severs are struggling to compensate the connection as players fight, to stay invested in the games fading popularity.

Latest player counts

During their second week, Rapture Rejects has struggle to maintain more then a 50 player average or below, at any given time players are fractured across the four different sever locations. This commonly leads to lobbies being between 10 and 5 players, when compared to the severs expected capacity of 50 players.
The games are starting to feel far more like hide and seek than a battle royal title.The only consistent way it seems to fill larger lobbies is to organised them on their public discord sever.

So far, we’ve received no word from Galvanic Games or Explosm Games on their plans going forward.
Nor comment from their publisher Tinybuild.

Will they be able to pull a rabbit out of there hat?
Will the games dwindling player base be saved?
Or will Rapture Rejects be another flash in the pan of Battle Royal Games?

If you haven’t done so already, you can read our recent review coverage of Rapture Rejects here.

Rapture Rejects is currently available for $28.50 Australian or your regional equivalent here.

If your struggling to play Rapture Rejects and want a way find more people, you can join their discord here.

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