Trifox Gamescom 2017 Interview

Trifox is a twin-stick action-adventure game set in a colorful world inspired by classic platformers. In Trifox you play as a multi talented fox on a quest to restore and return peace to his recently invaded and plundered home. Mix and match between three different and unique play styles, fight your way through swarms of enemies, engage in thrilling boss fights and overcome exciting environmental challenges as you discover that there is more to your quest than meets the eye…

The game is developed by Glowfish Interactive.

We had the pleasure of talking with the passionate developers behind Glowfish Interactive at Gamescom. The guys described the game saying “What if Crash Bandicoot was a twin stick shooter” and we could definitely see the inspiration, both on the visual style and the characters. The developers told us that In the game the player can choose between 3 classes and that they can combine skills between all of them, so they can have more options on the gameplay. The skills are not actual upgrades, but tools to help the player finish the stage the way they want. The story will be just a framing mechanism that justifies the action, and from what we could gather it is a pretty fun premise.

The two man team was created back in 2014 and they work on the game for more than a year. The game is funded 50%, partially from the government and from the developers themselves. Glowfish Interactive told us that they were at Gamescom, showing the game and looking for publishing, and we are really hope they succeed. If all goes well, we can play the game early in 2019. The developers told us that they are aiming at 3 full worlds with 4-5 stages each. Post release we might see a survival mode and probably couch co-op.

“We looked at the growing trend of nostalgia games and we figured we are at the right place,” the developer told us. He also explained that they basically took that same old vibe and brought some new content to it. The studio is aiming to bring three worlds with about four to five stages in each of those worlds.

The studio is now looking for a publisher and they are planning on a probable release of the game around Q1 of 2019.

For more info on the game, check out its Website, as well as the Facebook and Twitter pages of Glowfish Interactive.

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