Touch Type Tale Gamescom 2020 Impressions

Gamescom 2020 this year is just amazing for me with many games from my favorite genres coming out. Not only are there a lot of games that I find myself liking a lot but these games are also going way beyond what was expected of games of their genre. To be more specific, take for example Nanotale: Typing Chronicles and Touch Type Tale. We will be taking a look at the latter one and I will mention all the things that stood out for me.

I have to say that, I am huge typing games enthusiast and I am always interested in seeing how indie developers approaching the whole “typing as mechanic” gameplay in order to make new and interesting interactions in their games. In the case of Touch Type Tale by Pumpernickel Studio, the innovation comes in the form of the strategy-type gameplay that the game focuses on.

Unlike every other game with typing mechanics that I have played thus far, Touch Type Tale takes a different route and puts the player in the position of a strategist. You have to type in order to build structures (like barracks, farms, etc.) and recruit units and you have to type in order to move your units and navigate them around the map. The map is not moving of course but the whole management style the game works with is just amazing and quite easy to get into as well. Nothing felt too difficult and everything was explained quite nicely from the very first level, making this a very easygoing and fun experience from the very start.

The game has a cool graphic style to it and the cutscenes are really fun and interesting to watch inbetween levels. One thing I did not like is that the narrator’s voice-over was obviously done with a cheap microphone and the audio for it had no master done to it whatsoever. You can even hear the pops that the narrator’s voice does when saying certain words, which is quite off putting. Apart from that though, the game does look amazing in all of its parts and the typing is seamless with no bugs or issues to it whatsoever, making for a very pleasant gaming experience.

Make sure you check out the game for yourself on Steam and try out its demo.

You can check out the trailer for the game here.

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