Tormental Gamescom 2017 Interview

Tormental is a rogue-like shooter where you battle your way through rooms flooding with monsters conceived by no other than Mental, the demi-god of destruction. Deep into an abandoned temple of Egypt lies a cursed artifact, an ancient device capable of the unthinkable; Could this be the key to enter the mind of the demi-god of destruction: Mental? This may be your only chance to delve deep into the twisted world of its mind, where [Sam]’s quest will lead him against reckless hordes of monsters product of Mental’s wicked imagination. Blast your way through the most hideous corners of its mind, and prepare for a brain-melting showdown!
The game is made by Gungrounds.
At the Indie Arena Booth of Gamescom 2017, we found Krystian Macanga, one of the developers of Tormental, showcasing his game there and we had the pleasure of having a chat with him about the game.

The game is inspired by titles like Geometry Wars, Nuclear Throne and Binding of Isaac, the setting is very much in the vein of the world found in Serious Sam and it all takes place in the mind of the demi-god of destruction. All stages are pre-made and so are the patterns of how enemies spawn. All of these are shuffled randomly to always create interesting places for the player to visit, while avoiding the complete randomness that a procedurally generated level would otherwise have.

The development team is comprised of three people, plus one more that is working remotely. The game has existed as prototype for three years now and development started only five months ago. “We are working non-stop, week after week. We love polishing the game,” said Krystian. The title, as a shooter, has a very clear goal and easy to learn controls, so that it is always easy for players to pick it up and have fun with it.

The game is planned to release in summer of 2018 on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. “The plan is to release the game on all platforms at once.”

For more info on the game, check out its website as well as Gungrounds’ Twitter and Facebook.

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