To The Rescue Gamescom 2020 Impressions

Ever thought about running a dog shelter? I bet you haven’t and Little Rock Games knows that too so they got you covered. The studio has made a game all about running a dog shelter and they are putting you in charge of it!

We had the chance to try out the To The Rescue demo at the digital Indie Arena Booth of Gamescom 2020 and we are bringing you our first impressions on it. Let’s jump right into it.

So what is this adorable looking game all about? Well, obviously about running a dog shelter, duh. Things are quite simple in this indie where it’s all about resource and time management. The demo offers a limited amount of content and we are told from the very start that this is alpha-stage content so please take everything we say here with a grain of salt.

The game looks great and the simplistic graphic style of it allows it to have a playful and very fitting to the theme atmosphere. The dogs all look cute as hell and that is actually the most important part for a game that is all about dogs. Apart from that, the gameplay at the moment feels very stale unfortunately since there is so little content in the game. We are able to build kennels in a limited space we have in our shelter, buy certain supplies and a few other utilities. That’s as far as the game goes for now though. Content-wise there is not much, but at the same time enough to give us a hint of what’s to come in a full release of the game.

The gameplay itself is quite simple with the player having to walk back and forth to get the dogs in and out of the kennels, feed them and put them on display for potential adopters to look at them. Lots of walking around overall which is something you would expect in this sort of management game. I did get annoyed by the door from the main hall to the kennel area since it shut out my dogs every time I tried to pull them through with the leash, but that was just a minor discomfort.

The demo relies mostly on you reacting to the various events that happen throughout your shift at the dog shelter and basically just running around taking care of the dogs you already have in the shelter. Feels like the real life thing (if I were to know anything about it that is.)

There are quite a few things that seem very interesting but are not yet implemented in the game, such as government funds, special kinds of advertising and a bunch of other things. What is already in place is enough to give us a good glimpse of what the game will be and I am sure that by the time the game fully releases, the few minor discomforts that are there at the moment (such as that damned door) will be fixed.

You can check out To The Rescue for yourself on Steam by downloading its demo until the 31st of August.

Check out also the game’s trailer here.

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