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So basically starting your own novel, book, thingy-magick, whatever, can be somewhat a stressful process it seems. I already expected to have a lot of re-writing and proofreading to do, but I certainly didn’t expect to be at the point where I shouldn’t be adding that many things.

First step was of course to make the outline and as soon as that was done, it should have been a walk in the park to just add a more detailed narration to it since having a good draft is the best thing to starting writing down your story. The thing I wanted to do with my work though was that I wanted it to feel really abstract as you read it and what better way to achieve that, than to just write things as you go instead of having a very detailed outline that would otherwise guide you through every chapter and paragraph.

Thus far, it has been a metaphorical blast to write my own novel with only a rough outline next to me and I have to say that it’s very exhilarating and relaxing to put down my thoughts through a character I made up. It’s like hiding behind your own finger. In this case, you are hiding behind your own handwriting since even though anyone can just trace the author and ask him something like “why would you say that?” or “why do you believe that?” it’s not as easy, because writing a novel, means you are putting down on paper mostly made up thoughts. It is indeed true that most writers portray their beliefs through their work but how easily can one say that the beliefs of a character in a novel are the same as those of the writer himself?

That’s the fine point that one shouldn’t cross of course. The point where you allow your readers to understand what you are truly trying to achieve by writing what you’re writing. Being metaphorical or not, you can easily show things to your readers if you are not careful enough. That’s where my path becomes difficult though. Writing as you go, with whatever comes to your mind. I found that I’m quite at ease when writing things compulsively and on the spot. Despite not having comprehensive guidelines to what I should do next, I basically write the story as it comes to my head and thus far it’s working out great.

I’ve also found that writing on paper excites me way more than writing on my laptop. Both have their own pros and cons but I feel like writing on paper makes it more real and impulsive.


To explain a bit more about the book, “The Observer’s Anthology”, it will be a 3 chapters long novel with the main character being a 22 years old guy who is finishing university and is struggling with his inner emotions. The fights he has with himself are the main focus of the book and the readers follow his continuous struggle while he tries to stop believing everything is wrong with the world. He is a person that over-analyzes every one and every thing around him, thus making him become disappointed at the world and in advance lonely quite easily.

I gave it that title because it has to do with the protagonist’s love for flowers and every chapter is going to be named after a certain flower that will represent a certain state of his being.

I’m planning to release the book through my blog on a separate page for everyone to read and along with that and in other forms for your ease of reading (various book reading platforms). I don’t know how many people out there will read it, but as many other novice writers have said before me, I’m doing it for the thrill, not for the exposure it could get me.

English is not my first language, so I’m very excited to see how the second persona I’ve developed, culturally by speaking English for quite a long time now, will sound on paper once the book is finished. Until then, I will leave you with a quote from the few things I’ve already written down. It’s from the prologue.

<< “If you’re going to to explain your over-analyzing problem, then might as well do it right. I might publish this some day, when you artistically hang yourself and thus make money out of you.” She said that and just dropped that hysterical, but at the same time cute, laugh of hers. >>

-Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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