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I tried to find a good title for this journal entry, but to be fair, I couldn’t find something suitable. You may find this to be yet another piece of text full of words first written in the mind of an unrelentingĀ person who likes to constantly rant. Nonetheless, be it that you know what this blog is about, or you don’t, you are more than welcome to traverse through your wondrous finding and busk in the glory of it. Or just read it and never talk about it ever again.

So this time, I’d very much like to talk about the psychology that universities teach you in business studies. I am studying International Business Management Studies myself in the university of the Hague so I already have some experience as to how this is done. I am not going to be bad mouthing any of the lectures and/or lecturers of my university though. If you came here to find some dirt, you should just turn around and walk away. Or just close the tab.

What I will be talking about is more or less the general philosophy behind the lectures that are meant to teach us the success psychology. Now, don’t get me wrong, as much as I may understand that most of the people that are studying business management are there because they either want to make money or change the world, I also understand that if we are being taught psychology, isn’t that the directly opposite way of addressing such a matter? I mean, look at it this way; you are teaching students (of whatever age) about psychology while at the same time you are categorizing them and separating them from other parts of the world instead of allowing them to be free thinkers.


Every time I hear a lecturer, in those kind of classes, say “that’s what I need to hear,” my insides crumble and form a shape weirder than any other you may have seen before. It’s not about “what you want to hear,” rather about what the student truly feels like. Are we really being taught psychology and how to use it in order to better ourselves, or are we instead being bound, supposedly on our own accord, by the things we hear in that class.

“You are all amazing people that will one day become entrepreneurs and go out and grasp every opportunity you’ll find. You will be winners.” Things like that are said in such classes and as much as I want to start believing that it’s for our own good, I can’t help but see the opposite side. I am not being just a rebel here though. You have to understand that, as I already said, I do grasp the concept of such lectures as well as their aims and goals, but I will always go the extra length in order to analyze and see what could actually go wrong. Things can very easily go wrong when you are throwing ideas and values in young people’s minds. One day we are being taught about marketing and how we can manipulate (literally) the customers’ buying behaviour and the next, we are being taught about how our goals of wanting to change the world can help us achieve great things.

Strange. Isn’t it? Well that’s business studies, so deal with it. Let me press on to the next topic in question though.

This was shown during our class earlier today:


Well. Make your own assumptions and theories but I’ll just tell you mine anyway. It’s not like you can comment and rant about how I’m wrong anyway. You’re all scared of doing so because your name will go on the internet or I am “not worth it” in the end of the day. Do what you want.

The truth is simple. We try to “visualize” winners in all of us. Not all of us will be winners though. Heck, some of the people in my class might be my competitors in the future and I will stop probably at nothing to be the winner. They were TAUGHT to do so as well. We were literally in the same class when they were told that “visualizing you are the winner and working hardĀ for that win is the best way to do it.” It doesn’t sound very wrong if you say “work very hard” because in the long run, you won’t achieve much if you don’t put some effort into it. Or will you? That’s another thing to discuss some other day, in some other post. Politics and such, maybe I’ll employ the good words of my housemate and friend Nicolaas. But not today.

Are we really all born to be winners? What are we winning? Are we winning against others? Is this a race? All I know is that I was born into a world that was initially naked and then humans took it and made it into something. Just because we made it into something, doesn’t mean we should start introducing all kinds of weird things too though. Oh wait, that has already been done you say? Well, then the business world is the survival of the fittest as it was in the ancient years when people would hunt for food. It’s just more sophisticated now and we can actually post quotes on powerpoint presentations so that we can show them through our big projectors.

I don’t want to keep going on with the sad comparisons of the current state of things as opposed to the ones of the past but I am pretty sure that you got my point. More or less.


The day continued to end with our Business Communication lecture where the teacher even went as far as to make a comment on how a female Dutch student didn’t receive help from a certain company in Australia when she worked there and from that remark, apparently the whole Australian culture was judged. I don’t have much to say on that part other than the fact that this probably says more about the Dutch culture rather than the Australian one. Having known the Dutch one and knowing a few things about the Australian one, I am not surprised at all to see something like that spring up in that specific way. But those are all assumptions and I am not trying to attack any specific culture and or country. We have to finally realize that people from the North can never learn to live like people in the South do and vice versa. Neither is wrong or right, they are just different and if people are happy the way they live, they should just keep doing that without bothering others.

All this talk about cultural awareness and bullcrap. My god. So much Americanized bullshit injected into the minds of 18 year old students. How do you expect those people to be any different when they grow up. How do you expect them to rebel against the real forces behind propaganda and the actual “Evil Corp” (heh, Mr.Robot reference).

I don’t want to continue on with this little rant of mine though, because it might get out of hand and I feel like I am not saying anything worth reading anymore or anything productive for that matter either. So I will conclude my rant by just saying once again that we should maybe start judging more the people that are supposedly “experts” on matters. There is so much information in the world that allows us to double-check and verify things in a heartbeat if needed. And if not instantly, take time to consider what is being thrown in your face you no-good-for-nothing-18-year-old-full-of-stupid-ideas student. Stop joining stupid fraternities and associations that “elevate” your connections and your wannabe “experience” and start making something real good out of your time.

Oh hey, new topic. But let’s talk about that some other time, shall we?

Until next time..

-Constantine “Kelfecil” Christakis

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