The Mixtape at Gamescom 2016

Brainwash Gang, an indie game development studio from Spain has been developing something that I would personally call, very unique. They are basically making a collection of games, called The Mixtape that will all come out through that one title. What all those games have in common is that they are all games that rely on player communication. We talked to Edu Verz, a designer and artist of the studio and he told us quite a few things about the game.

We tried one of the five games where we were part of a jury that is trying to decide if someone is guilty or not. With all the information in our hands, we get to chat to other players real-time in order to come to a decision. The twist here is that one of us is a traitor and is trying to convince us to vote for something he/she wants since if that decision is in the outcome, he will receive money that was promised through a personal letter to him/her.

Edu told us that it’s more like a narrative survival and generally all the games are about influencing other players on their decisions through communication. The development of the game started in 2016 and there is no set date for full release at the moment since Brainwash Gang does not want to rush it. “It is a very different game and we want to take our time with it,” said Edu.

The most difficulties in making the game came from being able to make the game in such a way in order for a new player to know what he/she is doing. The tutorials basically, so that they can ease in the players and have them enjoy it right away.

The studio was at Gamescom 2016 in order to show the alpha version of the game to the public. “It is not really a game that would look good in a games conference, but we wanted to show it to the world nonetheless.”

For more updates about The Mixtape you can follow the developers on Twitter.

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