The Last Road Trip at Gamescom 2016

Among many indie companies were also a lot of student projects too. One of those, was The Last Road Trip by students of HEAD-Geneve. The project was made by: Louise Daubin, Mathias Hangartner, Eloise Marce, Juliette Rocheitin and Bastien Seon.

We spoke with the developers of this small student project and they told us that they were insipired by horror movies of the 80s and that it was basically a very cliche kind of theme. “It is five stereotypical americans in a car going for a trip after just having received their diploma.”

The game was developed on course (programming and design) and they said that “unity was very helpful since it is really good for making dialog games. We are not programmers, we study visual communication, so it was really nice for us to have that.” They said that their only difficulties were basically when trying to implement the interactions between assets, voiceovers and dialogs in the game.

They have used their own voices and faces in the game and it was quite hiliariously put together for a nice overall casual and humorous experience that would keep anyone for a good 15-20 minutes over the screen, pressing on dialog options just to see what happens.

For more news and announcements about Last Road Trip follow the game on Facebook.

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3 Responses

  1. Paul Rechatin says:

    When and where can we play it?

    • Vasilis Kamakaris says:

      We do not know a specific formats or release date for the game but stay tuned on Hyper Light Up for future updates.

    • The Last Road Trip says:

      Stay tuned with our facebook page, we’ll clean it a little and make it available for those who want to play !

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