The Inner World at Gamescom 2016

This year, at the Indie Arena Booth, we also found Studio Fizbin with their game The Inner World, with the infamous pigeon making its own appearance in huge statue form. We had the chance to get a presentation over at the Headup Games business booth from Sebastian Mittag who is the game director and co-founder of the studio.

We also reviewed The Inner World last month and we found the game one of the most enjoyable adventure games we’ve tried out recently.

Inner World is a 2D point and click game following the story of Robert and Laura on their quest to restore the wind to their homeland Asposia. The gods of the wind have gotten angry and it’s up to our two heroes to save the world! A game with exceptional aesthetics, reminiscent of old school cartoons, pleasant dialogues and many jokes, Inner World is a good suggestion for almost everyone.

Sebastian started out by telling us that the studio is now bringing the game to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and explained to us how they configured the controls of the game to give the players ease of playability with the gamepad. The player no longer points and clicks but instead has direct control of the character. However, the rest of the point and clicking remains and is done through hotkeys on the game controller. Being able to control little Robert on a gamepad felt quite strange after having played the game on PC but easy to get used to. I could easily say that the game felt very well optimized for consoles after having sold the first few puzzles in the game.

“The main appeal of our game is its world, the kind of people that live there and the story that explains everything in it,” explained Sebastian. We were told that the game was initially an idea for a TV series but it ended up becoming an interactive experience rather than just an animated series. “It took a lot of iterations to get to this point since we wanted to build really strong characters,” said Sebastian. The studio was doing movie productions before so we were told that with the new technology they had to work with for game production, they had to go through a lot of getting used to new applications.

“The game is inspired by titles like Monkey Island and generally the good, old adventure games.” Sebastian told us that the game has a lot of layers of storytelling tied to it and although it is playful on the surface, there are still some politics hidden beneath it in a more subliminal manner.

Studio Fizbin is based in Stuttgart and hosts a team of 12 people. The Inner World was their first adventure game and it took 2 years of development that started after the team had received their university diplomas. “It is our first big project and we had to do a lot of contract work on the side to get experiences,” noted Sebastian.

You can find Inner World on Steam for 13,99€ or for 14,99€ in bundle with its soundtrack.

The most exciting thing out of this whole presentation and interview though, was that we were told that we will be seeing The Inner World 2 sometime mid-next year. It will continue the story as we left in the first title and we will be doing some more travelling in the lands of Asposia. We were told a few things about the story and about how the flutenose people had been in hiding and now are coming out to play a role in the story, but telling you more would not be fair, since we really want to play the game ourselves and experience it that way. For now though, we can only reveal what we have gathered from the press releases. An evil guy named Emil, lead the poor Asposians to believe that their rulers have aligned with forces of evil and he managed to form an all too familiar, evil regime. The only one who can save the day is Robert, who will embark again on a quest to find his destiny.

We are very excited for it though and can’t wait to see how the main characters are going to change the fate of Asposia yet again.

More information about both Inner World and Inner World – The Last Wind Monk can be found on their official website, as well as on Studio Fizbin’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

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