The Inner Friend Gamescom 2017 Interview

Led by a mysterious Shadow, the player encounters dreams and nightmares inhabiting its materialized subconscious universe. Diving into its world, the player is a witness to the Shadow’s childhood memories, collecting them to restore what was once its safe haven. Together, the player and the Shadow journey always deeper, unraveling a rich but wordless story, but every journey has to end. What secrets hide in its darkest corners?

The game is made by PLAYMIND.

We found Mederic Ellul near The Inner Friend’s demo booth at Gamescom 2017 and had a chat with him about the studio and the game. The booth was at the Indie Arena Booth and it was quite special, with a black curtain covering all of the computers that were running a demo of the game. Quite fitting for the kind of game that the studio has created.

Mederic told us that Playmind has been around for about fifteen years now and the company had been doing a lot of digital installations and other kinds of work. It was only until five years ago that they started making video games, focusing on VR and AR projects mostly. “This is actually our very first game,” said Mederic, telling us that the game has been in development for about one and a half year now and is built on the Unreal engine.

“It is a game about facing your fears and nightmares from a childhood perspective. The entire world is built based on how a child would picture in his/her head.” The company is currently fully focused at preparing the game to release it around March 2018. The team will also be attending PAX East to help make the game more known. The studio is also doing no text and dialogue in the game, which will on one hand reduce the costs and amount of time localization would have otherwise taken, and on the other, leave the game open for interpretation by the player. “We want people to pick up the game and get strong feelings out of it,” explained Mederic.

The demo shown at Gamescom was limited from what we were told, since the studio does not want to show too much before the game releases. For the same reason, they game will most probably not have an open alpha or beta.

You can check out the game’s website and Facebook page for more.


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