The Indie Arena Booth of Gamescom 2016

During Gamescom 2016, we had the chance to speak with Oliver Eberlei, the main person behind the huge effort of the team that is preparing the Indie Arena Booth at Hall 10 in Gamescom. He told us all the shenanigans for this year and explained how they got to grow so much in the last couple f years.

Oliver explained that the booth has both big and small booths for indie developers. Both areas have grown of course and now they are hosting 30 big booths and 28 small ones. They also moved from 500 to 700 square meters, allowing for more booths than before.

When we asked Oliver if the organising of the Indie Arena Booth was easier this year, he said “yes and no.” They have been organising it since last October this time (compared to the 3 months preparation they had last year) and thus time-wise it was indeed easier. “We knew what we were getting into, however we still sometimes do not really know what we are doing, but people seem to like it, so we keep doing it.”

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Oliver went on to narrate a couple stories as to how they faced a few problems here and there, but organisation wise, nothing new when it comes to event organising. However, he himself explained that they knew what the challenges were and one of the most important things for this year was that they made it way easier for the developers as well by creating something like an e-shop for them where they can get everything they need without too much hassle or back and forth e-mailing.

“The difficulties were just random stuff here and there, I already feel like a firefighter, running around fixing small things.” This year however, the organisation had a booth manager (last year that was Oliver himself) so things went more smoothly. With the aid of about 30 or so volunteers as well (because there is more than just the booth, there are also networking events happening for developers for example), the booth this year looks better than ever.

“The booth just works because so many people are supporting it,” Oliver told us, saying that every year there is more and more support from all sorts of people and companies.

If you are around Gamescom, not just now but any year, you should most definitely check out the booth and all of the games in it!

You can check out the full roster of games that the Indie Arena Booth will have for GC2016 on their website. We are quite excited to go and check as many of those as we can!

During Gamescom 2016, you can visit Hyper Light Up to check out all of the indie games we will be checking out. There will be a dedicated category of news articles for that reason with a menu option up top for your ease of finding all of the Gamescom Indies stuff.

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