The Incredible Journey of You and I at Gamescom 2016

That is probably one of the longest titles we will ever put on the title of a news article here. On a different note, we were very excited to check out The Incredible Journey of You and I by the developers Shy Kids Club during Gamescom 2016. We got to speak with Craig Brown about it and he told us quite a few things.

The Incredible Journey of You and I is an adorable and crazy two player couch co-op.
Both players have control of opposite halves of a ship and will swap roles as they dart in and out of the sky and sea.
Players must figure out how to work together to save their home planet from those dang monsters that smashed the joint!

This game is all about communication, movement and co-operation, so get ready to invite a second player and start yelling!

TIJOYAI (for short) is a co-operative game where players have to control different parts and always be on their toes in order to be ready to tackle challenges that will occur throughout the game.

The studio is based is Australia and is comprised of Craig and his wife Nichole Lawson. Together, they have been developing the game for about 2 years now. The team was inspired by other co-operative games such as Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and Ibb & Obb. The art is done by Nichole whereas the programming is done by Craig. It is their very first big game together.

“I do not know how to program so I had to spend quite some time getting used to Unity and learning the ins and outs of it.” We were told that Nichole worked full time on the game whereas Craig only part-time because of his day job. They also went to quite a few game jams here and there, practicing all sorts of ideas. Craig’s day job is doing the marketing for school teachers for making games and that basically helped with the concept of the game as well.

“It is really heavy time commitment, but our lives revolve around this. A normal day for me is come back from home, have dinner, walk the dog and then work on the game with my wife. During our vacations we visit various game expos such as Gamescom 2016 now.”

You can learn more about The Incredible Journey of You and I on the game’s website and its Steam page. You can also follow the game’s creators on Twitter.

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