The Fluffiest of Hordes

Not sure if it is still a thing, but Tower Defense games have been around for, pretty much, forever. Taking over steam’s “New Releases” section, making it a list filled with game choices that include more or less the same gameplay and even theme in many cases. However, characterizing Fluffy Horde as yet another Tower Defense game would be a major mistake, as it is anything but that.

Enter bunny hell that Turtle Juice has prepared for us and find out exactly what we are talking about.

Most reviews of the game on Steam actually start by calling it a mix of strategy, puzzle and tower defense mechanics and although that may be true, I personally believe that the best way to describe this is as “Lemmings on bunny steroids.” Fluffy Horde puts us in charge of saving buildings and people that are under attack by the ravenous bunnies that have been unleashed upon them.

As the player, we must summon forces (melee and ranged) in order to wipe out the bunnies and save the day. Each level though, poses a new challenge. This new challenge is always some sort of puzzle that we must figure out in order to pass the level. There are even rewards for doing it in various “special” ways or for doing it really fast.

Overall, the game plays really simple and learning how everything works is quite easy, allowing you to quickly get into it and start solving the puzzles set before you. With a nice, funny twist to everything and pixel graphics that are way better than your average generic-tower-defense game #9125, Fluffy Horde is here to stay and keep you hours upon hours of fun content.

No matter how you see it, either as a strategy game or as a fun puzzler, saving the princess or the local farm from rabid bunnies is really enjoyable in Fluffy Horde. With various mechanics to explore in each new world, the game doesn’t get stale and repetitive for quite a long time, allowing for a fully fun experience all the way through.

Fluffy Horde is available on Steam for the price of 6 euro.

Fluffy Horde is a superbly priced game for the amount of content it offers and if you were ever a fun of Lemmings, or feel like exploring something that is like it but more modern, then you should definitely check out this bunny hell.

+ Fun strategy-puzzle mechanics

+ Nice pixel graphics

+/- Good music implementation, questionable sound effects at times

– Might get repetitive after a few hours, but still fun to come back to every now and then

Score: 6.4/10

~Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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