The Devotion: a pixel art cyberpunk adventure

Alexander Ponomariov, a developer on pinoklgames and SengiGames, has recently revealed his project of a futuristic world full of pixels and cyberpunk art called The Devotion.

On the Devotion players, will indulge in a futuristic journey “in which you, as a young man, will try to resolve many quests to rescue someone you really love. You will find many enemies and allies on your way, and only true devotion will help you reach the goal”. According to the game’s indie DB page the game was made on the Unity engine and will be released for PC, Mac and Linux. Also, for a little taste you can watch a small gameplay video from Alexander down below (the video is in the Russian language):

For more news and updates about The Devotion follow the game on its official website, Facebook and Alexander Ponomariov’s Twitter.

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