Journal: The Age of Streaming

For all of you who are not aware of it yet, I have lately gone into the world of streaming games and most importantly indie games.

If you didn’t know about it, I am the indies press correspondent and the director of the indies department at IGN Greece, and together with those responsibilities I thought I’d try my hand at various other things to promote the world of indie games to the public. That came in the form of streaming. Lately I have been very much enjoying streaming for IGN Greece, two weekly streams that I personally set up (along with some help from some very nice people from CowboyTV) and the more episodes we run, the more viewers we attract to our streams.

However, I have decided that it is about time I start my own weekly stream on my channel too. This one will actually be in English since I don’t want to leave out all of my friends that don’t speak Greek as well as because I want the indie games that I love to be more known to the rest of the world and not just in Greece. Some are calling me “Indie(ana) Kelf” which I very much like the sound of, but I feel it’s the right time to start reaching out beyond the Greek fans too!

All of my streams feature a lot of giveaways with codes for Indie games that IGN Greece provides press coverage for and I have full approval to give them through the streams on my channel too. So even though I will be streaming on my channel on Wednesdays in English, I am still powered by IGN Greece and the press inquiries I do on IGN Gr’s behalf.

My streaming schedule at the moment is the following:

  • Tuesday at 20:00 (+2:00 GMT, Athens time) – English Stream – IGN Indies Night LIVE, I play 2 to 3 singleplayer (and some multiplayer) indie games, chat about indies and I run raffle giveaways of a code for each of the games I play. (On my Personal Twitch Channel)
  • Wednesday at 20:00 (+2:00 GMT, Athens Time) – English Stream – Indies Night, I play a few indie games, chat about them and do giveaways for codes again. (On my Personal Twitch Channel)
  • Thursday at 20:00 (+2:00 GMT, Athens time) – English Stream – IGN Indies Night LIVE, I play with my colleagues from the indies department as well as some guests, multiplayer and co-op indie games, chat about indies again and do giveaways again. Sometimes we do more than one giveaway for a specific game. OR, we just run another episode of playing various different indies. (On my Personal Twitch Channel)


So hop onto one of my streams and come play some indie games with me! I of course stream sometimes off-schedule as well, but in those cases I might play other games too that might not be just indies.


-Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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