Teenage Blob Review

There’s lots of indie games out there that offer you the “under an hour fun experience” with either a very captivating short story or some very interesting gameplay that you might not have had the chance of experiencing before. Teenage Blob has all of that, packed in an approximately 30 minutes package. Let’s talk about one of the most fun and brilliantly developed indie games I have played this year.

Teenage Blob puts you in the shoes (depending on if you want to wear any that is) of a teenage blob (yes, surprising). I do not want to spoil much about the story since it is a brilliant one and the developers have done a much better job at delivering it, than I will ever do through some words on a blank page. Your goal as the blob is to do all sorts of activities and jobs in order to collect money to buy new boots. Why do you need new boots?

To look dope obviously. How else will you go to The Superweaks concert later? Duh.

The game revolves around you doing all sorts of mini-games that are perfectly synced to the awesome music that was made for this spectacular game. Team Lazerbeam (the developers behind the games) teamed up with the cool af band The Superweaks and the two teams put their amazing skills together to make something quite memorable.

“Wow Kelf, aren’t you being a bit dramatic? “Memorable?” Come on, it’s just a 30 minutes indie with cool music.”

Yes. It is indeed that, but I do not remember the last time that a game made me smile the whole way through, from beginning till the end. The music made me move, the mini-games made me focus and try to do well in them and the syncing of the both basically made everything perfect. If this ain’t a 30 minutes indie masterpiece, then I do not know what else qualifies as one.

It needs be said that the art style of the game is perfectly fitting for the punk rock musical background of it all. Everything is wrong and right with it at all times. I wouldn’t change a single thing if I could. The dialogs perfectly match the personalities of the blobs in the game and there’s a certain kind of freedom that is given to the players with the dialogs that makes it even more fun. I do not know how “free” we are with our choices, but I guess that is one of the many philosophical questions that this game asks.

Seriously, go buy Teenage Blob, now. If you are reading our website to get an idea of what indies you should try next, then this is where we tell you that this needs to be in your life, not just your library.

You can find Teenage Blob on Steam and you can also join the game’s Discord channel to connect with other great people that also enjoyed the game.

Keep rockin’ Blob dude. Keep rockin’…

Score: 9.5/10

~Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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