Take A Look at Grotesque Post Apocalyptic Rpg, Death Trash

Death Trash is a post apocalyptic rpg with action elements taking place in a pretty weird world filled with gross and imaginative beings. The game is being made by Crafting Legends, a development team consisting mostly of Stephan Hövelbrinks who does all of the art, programming and designing.

Watching the screenshots on its official site I immediately thought of the original Fallout games, they really do justice to the “post apocalyptic” description, even though there will be an action oriented battle system instead of the turn based system the original Fallout had. What gives another element, a more otherwordly vibe to the game and what immediately caught my attention was its beings, the grotesque creations that we will be able to interact with in the world. The game also boasts a more dirty and gritty world with a lot of sexual references and trash talk, which will certainly make the whole experience more colourful and vibrant.

When the game releases (sometime in 2017) the players will have the chance to play alone or with their friends on local co-op, craft items, interact and kill any npc. In addition to the pixel art style which already looks very interesting, Death Trash will have thick atmosphere and a rich world inspired by both Ultima 7 and Planescape Torment. Of course the Trash in the title is not there for show, so expect a lot of trash talk. From the early prototype video we can also see a touch of black humor in the mix, which is more than welcome and seems to fit the world perfectly.

The developer is working on content, dialogue options and npc behaviors, and hopes to have something playable this year. You can follow the development of Death Trash on indiedb, on its official site, on Facebook and Twitter

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