Superverse at Gamescom 2016

During Gamescom 2016, in the Indie Arena Booth we also saw Industry Entertainment‘s latest game, SuperVerse. We had the chance to talk to Nemanja Bondzulic and also try out the game.

Nemanja told us that the game is a 3D space shoot em up arcade kind of game and that you basically get to travel to different universes through spacetime continuum. That already sounds far out of this dimension if you ask me (pun intended).

Our goal is the reach eventually the past through a wormhole and stop the events which lead the the destruction of our hero’s home. The experience is intense since you are not only threatened by hostile spaceships, but also from asteroids and various other floating particles. Use your weapons wisely and try to reach the past.

The studio behind the game is comprised of 6 people, 3 being programmers, 1 being the media artist, 1 being the 2D artist and 1 doing the music for the game. Also, most of the people in the team are based in Serbia. The game took 3 years to be developed and the devs worked on it on and off as time passed by. Since January 2016 though, two members of the team have been working full-time on it.

Nemanja told us that we can expect to see the release around the early months of 2017, although nothing is sure. “It is definitely a good time to release,” said Nemanja. He also told us that the most difficult part of developing the game was actually organizing and planning things in advance as well as finding the time to work on it inbetween other duties. The promotion was one of the parts that the team struggled with as well.

Superverse is set to be released in 2017 for Microsoft Windows. You can find even more about it on it’s official website where you can also preoder it for $9.99 and Indiedb page as well. You can follow the game on its TwitterFacebook, Google+ and Youtube pages.

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