Super Sky Arena at Gamescom 2016

Super Sky Arena has recently been renamed and we got the chance to check it out once again at Gamescom 2016. Oliver Eberlei, developer of Hammer Labs talked to us about the game and its recent standing.

Super Sky Arena is a modern re-imagination of the Starfox multiplayer mode. You pilot a jet fighter and can have fast paced dogfights against three of your friends. Play either locally, in splitscreen mode, or create an online game and let your friends join from all over the world. And if your friends are busy, you can always play against the AI to train for future confrontations.

We also checked out Sky Arena last year and since then, more than just its name have changed. Oliver told us that the game now boasts voice-overs for all of its characters thus allowing for all the different heroes to shine with their distinct personalities in-game.

There is also a monthly update scheduled in order to keep the game fresh and with the new content as time goes by. In addition to that, there is also a huge feature coming in October.

Regarding the name change, Oliver told us that it was mostly for YouTube optimization since when you typed Sky Arena on YouTube, something else, other than the game would pop up and that did not really help with the game’s exposure.

Super Sky Arena is available on Steam in 14.99€. You can also follow the game on its social media, on Facebook and on Twitter.

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