Super Intergalactic Gang Review

Having a little trip in the past, those of us who enjoy now life with am android or iOS smartphope, we probably were owners of the legendary Nokia 3310. Do you remember which one I am talking about? A relatively small phone with a black and white screen that did the same damage points as Thor’s Mjölnir and would cause severe cranial damage to the person who would be unlucky to be hit by this on his head.

Most of us had this device on our hands at some point and besides calling our friends and sending messages, it was also a nice portable game device, giving us amazing games like Snake and Space Impact. The latter was a beloved shoot-em-up that let us travel in different planets and destroy many enemies and powerful bosses. In this genre there are a lot of games and it’s time to dive into Martin Cerdeira’s creation, Super Intergalactic Gang.

Super Intergalactic Gang is a classic arcade shoot-em-up with the players being transported years in the future in a galaxy far far away (first Star Wars reference) after the peaceful time in Earth and while an alien armada decides to attack the planet. SIG or Super Intergalactic Gang is tasked to save the earth and perform actions to bring peace back while rendering the aliens an endangered species.

The game offers a single player campaign for one or two players through local co-op, allowing them to play with gamepads and keyboard. Every player can select a skin for his character and each of them are references to known movies, comics and other indie titles like Star Wars, Deadpool, Iron Man, Super Meat Boy, Fez etc. offering diversity to players.

During the game the player will visit various levels destroying a majority of enemies that spawn randomly alone or in a swarm with other enemies of the same class. When we destroy them, there might be some drops and powerups that will help us even more. There is a variety of weapons like machine guns, plasma guns, rocket launcher and the iconic Star Wars Lightsaber.

Power ups are a beloved feature of the game and give us the push we need to do as much damage as possible. To achieve that we will also need a combination of super armor with the guns and other items that upgrade our abilities and which drop from the defeated bosses as a reward. I left my favorite power up for the end and that’s none other than time distort, that makes everything a bit slower and helps us during difficult situations.

No matter the upgrades or the weapons, the action is still fun and challenging. Every new level offers new enemies and more powerful enemies. That can be even enjoyable if we take the trip with a friend with local co-op, but he will need to be the right partner and not “the guy who dies first”, since the game does not forgive easily. The whole experience is built in a pixel art environment that, even though it gives that classic feeling, it also seems a bit rough, especially at the boss design.

The roughness I mentioned shows not only in the design (that I really didn’t mind) but on the title optimisation. I do not expect amazingly optimized graphics for the size of this title but I would like to have a gamepad button selection so I can tailor the in game control to my taste. That doesn’t mean at all that the game is not worthy. It is definitely satisfactory and offers some enjoyable moments, especially if you play with a friend. The price helps with that too because the title has a pretty low price, without offering something more.

You can find Super Intergalactic Gang on Steam at the price of 3,99€


Super Intergalactic Gang is a pretty affordable title for an alien invasion shoot-em-up that will help you kill some time enjoyably, solo or co-op, with many pop culture elements and nice content throughout the gameplay. The above might not make it a priority for your purchases but it is a pretty nice alternative in case we look for a game to fill our time.

+ Fun and challenging

+ Many pop culture references

+ Variety of weapons and power ups

Local co-op

+ Low price

Rough design

No gamepad optimisation

Score: 6.7/10

-Vasilis “Eniantas” Kamakaris

(translated in english by Dimitris “Dimi Kaye” Kalyvas)

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