Super Crush KO Review

Another 2D sidescroller indie for the grinder, studio Vertex Pop brings us Super Crush KO, a pretty looking beat ’em up with lots of promises. I set out to discover if this pastel colored indie delivers on those promises or not. Let’s find out.

The studio already has another indie under their belt called Graceful Explosion Machine and it most certainly belongs in a very different genre than Super Crush KO does. So, this seems to be the studio’s first take at a 2D beat’em up and I gotta give it to the developers, they did a pretty good job when it comes to the gameplay. Unfortunately for the title, that is where the fun starts and also ends.

Taking it from the top though, in Super Crush KO we take the role of this tough girl that has to go on a robot-beating journey in order to get back her overly adorable cat that was kidnapped by an alien woman. Throughout the game, we get to go through multiple stages where we have to combine our multiple attacks in order to get points. Multipliers, combos and gunning down enemies becomes a standard pretty fast. It also gets repetitive just as fast. After spending a good couple of hours with the game, despite the fact that I see (and felt) the appeal of going back through a stage in order to get more points and get a better overall score, I just did not feel any sort of progression going on. Even if I was getting better at the game, Super Crush KO did not really present any harder challenges or new content at all.

What we end up doing in Super Crush KO is beating the same kind of robots and bosses over and over again. Even the boss looks the same throughout the whole game and just comes packed with a new ability every time. It is quite unfortunate since the game felt like it had so much more potential. The backgrounds were quite eye-catching, the story was cute and interesting and the graphics of the entire game were just so on-spot with the sort of atmosphere the studio wanted to have for their title. It got to the point where I just stopped trying to build up combos or kill enemies in style, since all I wanted to do is be done with the level so that I can see the next few awesomely drawn pages of the story-telling comic we get in between stages.

I feel the need to repeat at this point that you will hardly find the game boring in the first hour or so. The animations are great, the enemies are well designed and combat flows quite nicely. The game may feel slow for people that are experienced with other much faster 2D beat ’em ups, but Super Crush KO presents its own take on 2D combat with a nice mix of melee combos and a bit of run’n’gun mixed in. It is just that once you get used to all of this and once you start expecting more to come up, there will be nothing to make things more interesting.

If you are a fan of the genre, then you might wanna give Super Crush KO a try. If you are not, you might still find it fun due to the fact that the gameplay has a good flow, is easy to learn and generally moves in a somewhat slower pace than most other games of its kind. If you are looking for a title filled with content that will make you want to come back to it again and again, then you should most probably look elsewhere.

Super Crush KO is a cute 2D beat’em up sidescroller that looks good, plays good but has a limited game life span.

You can find Super Crush KO on Steam and is also available for the Nintendo Switch.

~Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

We here at Hyper Light Up have decided to stop giving scores, because scores are completely subjective and we feel like they do not really make much sense. We only wish to provide an opinion on the games we are given the amazing opportunity to try. It is in our opinion the most honest thing we can do when we are trusted with something that a developer/studio has spent hours/days/months/years to create. A number on a review would only do the game injustice.

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