Super Crome: Bullet Purgatory – Preview

Super Crome: Bullet Purgatory, is a nostalgic bullet hell, forged by Stumphead Games LLC. In an attempt to reach a middle ground between gamers of old and new.

While still in its early stages, Super Crome feels like a re-imagining of the past, drawing inspiration from past arcade classics like galaga & space invaders. The bullet hell currently, has a nice endless mode chock full of powerups, bosses and meteors showers to keep you on your toes.

At $2.95 Aud or your regional equivalent, Super Crome: Bullet Purgatory, costs much less then a trip with the old nostalgic machines and is worth considering next time you find yourself reaching for your pocket full of change.

Thanks goes to Stumphead Games LLC. for providing a copy of Super Crome: Bullet Purgatory for this preview.

~Aaron Nicholls

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