Sundered Official Release Date Announced

Are you tired of killing giants and gods in Jotun? Well then, Thunder Lotus Games is bringing out their next title that goes by the name Sundered (official site). More than just that, we now know the official release date for it, which is on Friday, July 28th. Do you want the chance dwelve through the secrets of a lovecraftian world full of appropriately drawn eldritch horrors? Then you know what to do.

Sundered is the game that will send you to the ends of hell and back. There are procedurally-generated levels and multiple endings, meaning there is plenty to explore and find out about its endlessly expanding world. A metroidvania with beautiful art, lots of gameplay excitement through different abilities and powers, what else could we ask for.

Sundered is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam and GOG. It’ll cost 19,99€.

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