Struckd at Gamescom 2016

The maker of Dreii which we saw during last year’s Gamescom 2015, Flurin Jenal, has now returned with his very own Struckd. Struckd is a game creation app for mobile devices and actually manages to surprise people with what it actually does.

Struckd is an indie, game-building game made for Android and iOS devices. The point of this app is to allow you to create your own games and stories by providing you with specific and easy to use tools. Design your own castle siege, spawn huge or tiny monsters and decided on what conditions they can be killed and how the game is completed. It’s all up to your imagination! The newest addition to Struckd is the “Build your own Forest Fortress”, which features medieval-themed objects and they can be combined with previous packs to give more variety to our games! After you create your games you can share them with other players.

“Every sandbox game was limited to its own environment so we thought about making something more broad,” said Flurin continuing on to explain that Struckd came from the fact that “we wanted to provide a playground where you can combine all kinds of game mechanics and elements.”

By using real brand material (Angry Birds and others) through partnership deals, there is even monetization possibilities other than numerous business capabilities that such an application offers. “It has a lot of business potential and that was our main goal.” The development started in January 2016 and all of the work was done by the 3 people in the company, things such as concept development, main game development and business marketing.

Flurin told us that making the game generally easy was hard and that they would love to get testers from the US market (such as minecraft and roadblocks players) in order to see what they like as well.

You can learn more about Struckd on its website and download it on Google Play and App Store.

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