Striker’s Edge at Gamescom 2016

At the Indie Arena Booth was also studio Fun Punch with their latest game, Striker’s Edge. We had the chance to try out the game and also talk to the guys behind the game’s development. Filipe Caseirito, specifically, gave us a lot of information about the game.

“It’s dodgeball with real weapons and ancient warriors,” said Filipe explaining simply and effectively what the game is all about.

Striker’s Edge is a local and multiplayer game, where ancient warriors stand on the opposite sides of the arena and hurl various ranged weapon at each other. Only the most quick and accurate warriors shall manage to climb the ranks. A game whose aesthetics remind us of the arcade games we used to play back in the ’90s and with an original concept, Striker’s Edge looks indeed promising and surely nostalgia inducing.

Filipe told us that the studio started with 2 people working full-time and now has 5 people overall. “We have been working for 2 years part-time, and since 6 months ago, we went full-time on it,” explained Filipe.

The studio is at Gamescom 2016 to showcase their alpha demo of the game which has some content we will see in the full release, but not that much just yet. All the core mechanics though are in and anyone can check the studio’s booth and try the game.

We were told that the studio is planning for a full release in December 2016. “Our biggest difficulty thus far was finding the right controls since we wanted the game to be easy to pick-up for just about anyone,” said Filipe when we asked him and his team what development difficulties they may have had.

The team told us that they went through a lot of reiterations to get the game where they wanted it to be, and that being at events like Gamescom is a really big deal for them since they get to have people try out their game and give them feedback on it. “It was really crucial in the process of making it what it is now.” Soon enough, they told us that the game will be available for testing too.

The game features a casual sort of gameplay but also has a competitive appeal. Anyone can pick it up and play but since it’s a 1v1 or 2v2 arena, there can be people that will put more effort into it, strategize and become better than the rest. The developers gave us the example of people playing Rocket League together and actually fighting for glory in the ranks. So we were told there will be online ranked play as well, besides the local play.

“There is more to it than you first see and our main focus is making it something that is not only for your couch,” noted Filipe. He continued to explain that “there is a niche to explore and we want to make something that you and your buddy can invest time in with the purpose of becoming good at it. It feels good to have that objective with your buddies.”

Striker’s Edge will be available in 2016 on Steam and on PS4. You can track its developement on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and on its official website.

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