Stikbold! at Gamescom 2016

During Gamescom 2016 we also found the makers of Stikbold!, the studio named Game Swing. The developers flew over from Denmark in order to participate at the Gamescom 2016 game jam and also showcase their game at the Indie Arena Booth.

We had the chance to talk with Anders Ostergaard, Lars Bindslev and Simon Engelsted about their game and their recent shenanigans in making games.

“We were contacted by the Indie Games Jam booth to come and participate in the Game Jam and also show our game,” said the developers. They told us that it wasn’t their best game jam but that was because it was quite hard to focus on just game jamming since they wanted to socialize so much at the same time.

The studio is comprised of 5 people, 4 of which were present at Gamescom 2016. As for Stikbold!, its development started about 3 years ago and since then the developers had been working on and off the project.

We also asked them a question that we here at Hyper Light Up have had in our minds ever since we finished the game, which is “is the language that the characters in the game speak, real?” The answer was no, and now that we know we can rest easy knowing that Bjorn and Jerome never actually said any real words other than blabber some broken English here and there. Awesome voice acting if you ask us.

“Most of the things regarding the game came to us spontaneously during a game jam,” said the developers. One of their main inspirations concerning the look and feel of the game was 80s porn movies from what the devs told us. Especially the colour scheme is very much based on that.

The biggest difficulty in developing the game was reportedly the making of the cutscenes since a lot of animations and extra parts had to be added separately for those. “Those are all running real time, so they were hard to put together. The testing and polishing of the single player experience also took a lot of time,” explained the devs.

We were told the game was made for co-op play and a lot of people actually even complained that the AI companion, that you get when you play the game solo, was not doing much. “People complained about it and that’s quite funny because you can actually just sit back and let the AI do everything.”

The studio recently started with a new project which they hope to make in the same kind of quirky world as their last game. Other than that, they couldn’t really tell us much about it, but left us with the note that “it should be done within the next 3 years or so and you will most definitely enjoy it if you enjoyed Stikbold!”

Regarding the amount of time they take with making a game, the developers said they are not worried about how the industry is moving since they have always managed and will continue to manage to adapt to it. “We will definitely do a lot more planning in advance this time.”

One last thing that the developers told us about Stikbold was that, “something is coming!” (there may have been a slight wink along with that note!)

Stikbold! is a single and local multiplayer dodgeball game heavily inspired by the 70’s and its athletes. This is a salute to the heroic sportsmanship of the era, a time when tacky was cool and there was no such thing as bad style. Follow the story of world famous Stikbold athletes Björn and Jerome, team up with a dodgeball buddy in co-op team battles or charge head first into a manic free-for-all battles with up to five others. Get beaten in the arena. Get revenge from the outside with disgruntled swans, hungry whales and one very lethal minivan.

Not only do the writers of Hyper Light Up love Stikbold! but we are also in love with everything about it. The gameplay, the art, the story, the voice acting, everything is just so good. We prepared a review for it during our time in IGN Greece but we will most definitely be revisiting the game both through a review here as well as through streaming it during our Indies Night LIVE weekly streams.

For more news and announcements about Stickbold! follow the game on its official website, Facebook, Twitter and Steam.

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