Stifled Gamescom 2017 Interview

Stifled is a multi-award winning, VR and Mic-Enabled Sound-Based Stealth Thriller, where sound is the only way you see and the enemies HEAR your fear. In Stifled, the sounds made by your in-game character and yourself through microphone input reveal the otherwise hidden world through ‘echolocation’. However, undue noise will attract the attention of creatures lurking in the darkness. To survive, you will have to tread the line between making sounds to see, and staying quiet to stay hidden.

Stifled is developed by Gattai Games.

Stifled was part of the Indie Arena Booth during Gamescom 2017 and we had the chance to drop by and talk to justin that was there, showing the game to visitors of the expo.

Justin told us about the studio and how it is based in Singapore, is ran by five people and has been around for three years now. The game has been in development for about six months and all of this started by a bunch of students that basically made a project. The initial project was just an animation of a little blind girl that was trying to find where she is going. From there on, the idea for a sound based game came to be and Stifled started becoming a horror game.

The game has already received quite a lot of recognition with various awards and nominations. Justin told us that the game is ready but also that the studio is literally just waiting from the “go” from their publisher. The estimated release for the game is basically around the end of 2017.

“The game has a lot of problem solving tied into its gameplay and we always try to make it scary in a good way,” said Justin, immediately explaining as well that “if someone screams, we know we’ve done a good job.”

If you want to get more of Stifled, check out the game’s Twitter, Facebook, Steam Page and Website.

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