StickyBots – Preview

StickyBots is a Frantic platform shooter created by Potion Games and released to steam early access on the tail end of November last year.

The Game sports a fun yet currently brief, additional single player campaign. Full of intriguing puzzles and fast reaction times, to get you in the swing for multiplayer matches.

The real fun however is in the online multiplayer, with multiple classes and abilities. The main mechanic encourages you to stick to all different surfaces, making dodge other players projectiles far more interesting. Each sides eventual goal, is to drag the center ball back to their designated score area.

At present, i recommend bringing a few friends along if your willing to try this title. As the online servers are a bit quiet between dev updates.
Hopefully when it initially releases we’ll see a resurgence in players.

Our thanks goes to Potion Games for providing a slime covered copy of StickyBots for this review.

If your interested in trying StickyBots for yourself you can find it on steam for 12.95 or your regional equivalent here.

~ Aaron Nicholls

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