Starfox Rivals at Gamescom 2016

During Gamescom 2016, we also found RockPocketGames with their newest title, Starfox Rivals. We had the chance to try out the multiplayer demo of the game and also talk to Aaron, one of the developers behind it.

Aaron described the game to us as a “Super Smash Bros meets Worms kind of game.”

The studio behind the game is comprised of 13 people, even though only 4 of those worked on the game with the rest rotating in and out of production. “We have been on and off developing the game for the past 6 months,” said Aaron.

“Our biggest issue during development was being able to balance the system and the characters of the game. This is our first brawler and thus, there were a lot of challenges,” explained Aaron. There is no set release date yet for the game since the studio is looking for a publisher, but other than that they have considered Kickstarter and Early Access as a means to an end if they don’t manage to find a publisher for a long time.

You can follow the company on Twitter for more news about both Starfox Rivals and their other games in the making, such as Moons of Madness.

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