Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

The new movie finally arrived and after all this waiting, the hype of the last year came to its peak since the movie was showed. Most people were expecting something extraordinary, as well as something that would give them the feelings that all the previous movies gave them. In the end of the day, the average viewer, wasn’t disappointed.

I watched the movie twice, once in the Netherlands and once in Greece. The second time, I got to realize a lot more things about the movie as a movie and that’s why I decided to actually publish this review. I suggest you read all of it before you think I just adored the movie. I loved the movie as a Star Wars fan, I hated it as a movie in general though.


After a lot of conversations with a lot of people, I have to say that the movie proved to be a good watch for most people, with some of them being very demanding viewers. The movie introduces a new cast of characters in a very good way, very similar to the one we saw in “A New Hope.” Many familiar faces also made their appearances and we learnt about their past without learning too much detail.

The movie is full of actors that give great performances depending on their roles and they all don’t miss a chance to bring some of that old-fashioned lame humour here and there, the kind of humour that we saw in the original trilogy. Full of good actors, without counting Leia of course, cuz she was shit (more explained below). Despite the very well made battle scenes full of starships and stormtroopers, the new movie manages to find a balance between the serious and the comical.

The plot, without wanting to reveal anything, is made in the same way as in the original trilogy, and it gives the viewer almost the same amount of surprises. The story doesn’t have that much depth when it comes to meaning, but anyone that would want to believe that any Star Wars movie does, is definitely looking at the wrong place. Star Wars is just a conflict between good and evil, and that’s just it.


The force is explained through the good old ways and through new heroes that explore it in their own unique way, thus bringing new breath to the mystical power that moves events in the universe. Old and new characters talk about it as something extraordinary, giving it the feel that it had in the original trilogy, where it was something unknown.

As a huge fan of Star Wars, I was very disappointed when I first found out that all of the canon that was created for the franchise was cancelled (for after the original trilogy through games, comics, etc.) but as soon as I saw the new movie, I realized that Disney might have very good plans for what is coming up in the future of this fictional universe. With so many new characters, you can imagine that 135 minutes are not enough to explain all of them in depth and there is thus a lot to be exploited through other media. This time at least, things will be in a reasonable chronological order.

The movie is a great example of a good continuation of an old series. It’s a series so loved by the people that it needed great manipulation by good writers and a good director. J.J.Abrams came through and made the impossible though, which was to please all of the series’ fans.


~Read further only if you’ve seen the movie or if you don’t mind spoilers~

Fandom aside, the movie was an amazing marketing movie and that’s just it. From any other perspective you see it, despite being a well made movie, the movie was utter shit. Why do I say that? Because, as much as I understand that they had to make something that needed to appeal to Star Wars fans, the movie was mostly for geeks. A “safe” reintroduction of the franchise to old and new fans.

First of all, all new characters were introduced in the exact same way as in the older movies. Every character pretty much served the same purpose as the old ones did when they were introduced. There was little explaining for many things (I’m a Star Wars geek, I went far and wide to explain things, so don’t go explaining things to me please, I already know stuff) and many characters were left as shallow introductions of fancy looking faces.

There was another Death Star. Bigger. Stronger. Also dead.

There was a character that wanted to run away but then decided to stay and fight. New Han Solo?

There was a character that discovered the force slowly. Yap.

There was a new droid. Oh my god, super cute! Nope.

There was a villain with a very unexplained background. I loved Kylo Ren, but dear god, they better explain things way better in the next movie. Same for Snoke.

Leia looks like an old woman that was washed up in the harbor of Rotterdam and was forced to play in the new movie just because fans used to wank off to her image in a sci-fi bikini outfit.


Even the series of events, all happened in the same order as in the old movies. I personally loved it, but I can’t help but hate it as a movie because it was the same old thing. I loved the nostalgia feels and everything it portrayed as a Star Wars film, but you can’t help but think that it was just something refurbished in order to be shown to the people and make money. There was no risk in making anything new. It was just a burlesque show of all the characters getting barely naked and still sucking your money. We didn’t get any deeper meaning to any of the characters and scenes like Han and Leia talking to each other didn’t even have a proper flashback, just words.

It’s a movie, so if you are going to talk about something that happened in the past, give us a flashback or two, not just a vision of a girl who we are just getting to know.

In all my years (about 12?) of watching, reading and playing Star Wars things, I had never expected something like Force Awakens. It was simply amazing for any Star Wars fan, showing scenes from the scum and villainy of the universe up to x-wing vs tie fighter scenes that everyone really wanted to see again. I can’t help but go back to playing Star Wars games to let my hype live on now. It’s sad though, cuz I’ve played almost every game and there only a few comics I haven’t read…and most of them aren’t even real canon anymore.

All in all, an amazing film if you are into continuing the little story that you were told in the past. Amazing if you want to see something where you know what is going to happen. Also amazing if you wanted to buy a lightsaber for your children and explain to them the whole thing through a newer film. Too much death for a kids’ movie though. I mean, the bad guys literally slaughter an entire village in the first few scenes of the movie. If that doesn’t spell TRAUMA, then I don’t know what does.

Yet another good Hollywood movie but a good continuation to Star Wars for geeks.

-Constantine “Kelfecil” Christakis

P.S. As Robert said, it was just a good way to continue the series after the despicable prequels. Just to show us that J.J.Abrams knows how Star Wars should be made.

R2-D2 waking up out of nowhere was shit. Boom. There, I said it.

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