Spoiler Alert Review

Just like in fairytales, in videogames the campaign usually has a beginning, a middle and an end, offering a story with hopefully intense situations and plot twists that will make the player live an awesome experience. The possibilities of spoilers creeping up on us out of nowhere and destroy the surprise makes us hide away under a rock, scared to read Facebook’s newsfeed, and it is something that brings me memories from when I was waiting to watch Force Awakens.

What If I told you there’s a game out there that doesn’t care about plot twists and just throws the end of the story in your face just for kicks and giggles. Such a game that warns you about the plot twist even from it’s title, is Spoiler Alert by MEGAFUZZ.

In Spoiler Alert players control Chili Pepper Knight who, because he wants to escape his ruined house, tries to kidnap Princess Tomato and demand ransom. The game begins immediately from the kidnapping and the negation of what has already happened. In negation, the players will have to complete the levels in reverse, doing specific actions, starting from the end of the stage and moving to the beginning.

The main campaign has 3 worlds with a total of 90 stages plus an extra area with 10 more stages. Besides that, a player can also try Speedrun Mode and become a creator on Steam Workshop. All of these might sound a bit condensed and usually I am more thorough on my reviews, but Spoiler Alert gives me the opportunity to adapt my thoughts more directly in order to follow the same thought process the game has.

To be honest and without becoming offensive, the game only costs 2,99€ on Steam and in these situations I don’t have to analyse so many things as I would have to on a game that costs 15 or 20€. The game for its price is not bad at all and if you want something enjoyable, the price is definitely good. The whole experience lasts only 1 hour, all 100 levels that exist in the game. The reverse mode mechanic is not that hard as it sounds because the game doesn’t want to entice hardcore players but mostly casual players that need something simple and fun.

In the abundance of levels there are many situations that the character let happen and we need to return them to their original order. That means we need to take back special attacks, bring back to life defeated enemies and bosses, leave coins back at their place. There are still enemies and coins in their original position and they present our obstacles that we need to traverse. If we fail, time breaks down and we need to begin the stage again.

That’s not a huge problem because every stage is incredibly small. They do feel they repeat at times, because many of them have the same obstacles and only a few change. I would prefer fewer stages, the game is already small and it doesn’t really matter about the duration and, since the game doesn’t offer something incredible for a platformer, besides the synchronization the players have as the main mechanic. Maybe the only challenge that Spoiler Alert can offer is through the Speedrun Mode and how creative people can be building their own challenges on Steam Workshop.

About the positives of the title, besides being cheap and fun, it’s very user friendly as far as controls and environments go. The environments in question are beautiful sketches that make the game feel like a cartoon. Finally, the editor is a very positive addition since it lets players create their own challenges, and that is a very welcoming feature in a platform game.

You can find Spoiler Alert on Steam at the price of 2,99€


Spoiler Alert is not the ultimate platform tite but its humble appearance is enough to offer pure, even though short in duration action, especially to casual gamers. Lots of levels that might some times feel a bit repetitive but it’s ok, the reverse mechanic and the creativity that offers with it’s editor is enough to entice you to try a low price title as this. If you are looking way more than this then this title is not for you, or if it is, it will offer a nice break from the usual games you play.

Reverse style

Cartoon style

Level Editor


Tons of levels…

– … But is lineal

– Short gameplay

– Doesn’t provide something “really” different

Score: 5.3/10

-Vasilis “Eniantas” Kamakaris

(Translated in English by Dimitris “Dimi Kaye” Kalyvas)

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