Spitlings Gamescom 2020 Impressions

We just had the opportunity to play the Spitlings demo with my colleague Dimi and I just want to start this impressions article by saying that; this is by far the most creepily cute looking indie I’ve played ever since Bulb Boy.

Oh, and it was amazing.

Spitlings is a game where you start off by continuously saying “wtf is going on?” and in a span of just five minutes, you start understanding that it is just another pong game. But is it really “just another pong game?” The answer is no, since Spitlings is a whole new and unique experience on its own.

What the brilliant studio (Massive Miniteam) behind this lovely indie did is that they took the basic idea behind the classic arcade game Pong and brought a whole new spin to it with a really cool spit-storing mechanic. Despite the amazingly well animated and superbly well flowing gameplay, the game features an art style that wants you to say “ewww!” every time you unlock a new character. Not only that, it is also so intriguing that you will really want to actually play that new character. I am telling you, it’s brilliant.

We may have just played the demo, but the stage design already managed to leave a really good impression since all the levels we played through (both the normal and the B-sides which are supposed to be the harder versions of the normal ones) were very well made, allowing for a very fun try-and-fail kind of session in each and every one of them.

Now, take all of this awesomeness, slap up to 4 player compatibility to it and you got yourself a superb deal. Oh, you think there is not enough content? Don’t worry about that, since the developers promise us a whole bunch of levels to explore and the roster of characters is just endlessly huge.

Seriously, try this with a friend. You’ll hate how much you are going to love it.

Watch the Spitlings trailer here.

Find Spitlings on Steam here (and try out the demo for yourself!) It’s also coming to consoles!

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