Spitkiss, letters of love covered spit?

It’s a puzzling first week this November. Games dropping left and right, here to help you kill time before your next train or coffee break. But does Spitkiss by Triple Topping succeed as a pleasant time sink?

Or is it better left by the wayside with your cold coffee?

Well as I sat down to discover Spitkiss as far as steam goes, is a direct mobile port trying to transcend the PC realm. To give it credit, Spitkiss definitely plays to its strengths, a steal at 2.99 USD for 80 head scratching levels? What’s the catch?

Unfortunately, it’s very obvious this game is more designed for your on the go puzzle solving. It does very little to hide the mobile phone UI interface at all. But with slowdown time mechanics, coupled with very responsive controls and an endearing show don’t tell story, these flaws can be overlooked to peel back a fun little experience for your tired afternoons. With the use of platforming, you’ll spit around gravity bending physics to tell others you love them, in this spit-tacular gem of a game.

The Verdict

If you decide you’d like a brain teaser on the go, with platforming elements, Spitkiss is definitely your game. Currently the PC and mobile editions of this game show no plague of the often seen mobile ads, meaning you can just concentrate on the fun. If you can get past the shaky remnants of a mobile port on your PC screen, this also might work for you in the comfort of your own home.

Spitkiss is available on steam for 2.99 USD or your regional equivalent.
Our thanks goes to Triple Topping for supplying us with a copy for this review.

+ Great responsive platforming

+ On the go puzzle solving experience for mobile

+ Cheap!

Noticeable budget porting for PC edition

Score: 8/10 mobile, 7/10 PC

~Aaron Nicholls

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