Spinch Review

Spinch is… something else and we are here to talk about it.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed bright colors, bunch of flashing lights and the mayhem of a speedrunner-esque 2D platformer? Enter Spinch, the indie title by Queen Bee Games, a studio ran by a husband-and-wife duo from Canada who tend to focus on fresh visual styles, immersive gameplay and top-shelf artistry with their games. Akupara Games is taking care of the publishing and we were most delighted to they wanted us to play this for review purposes.

In Spinch, the player takes control of a white blob with tiny arms and legs. Your goal; save as many little white blobs as possible by defeating the color creatures that hunt them. Simple right? Well, Spinch does quite well at bringing a whole new spin to colors on screen. Psychedelic environments, beautifully sketched out to fit the theme of the game await you in six different worlds with five stages in each one of them. Multiple mechanics to figure out as you interact with your environment and a clock at the top right corner of the screen to keep you on your toes for that new record all nicely come together in Spinch.

As we start the game, we are told that colors are bad and that we should avoid them. Ten minutes into the game, you already know what’s going and you are sweating to get those precise jumps and dashes. I always love a game when it manages to teach me its controls and environment so fast and then keeps me hooked by giving me more to be interested in. Spinch does that perfectly and delivers more and more with each new stage we explore. The platforming is challenging but not as challenging as Super Meat Boy for example. A perfect balance for those seeking to speedrun this game and I am pretty sure there will be a lot of people trying to do so in the near future.

The controls are simple; jump and dash. So, in the case of Spinch, it is the environment around us that needs to make things difficult for us, since the controls are so simple. That is the genius behind 2D platformers though. Just because they have a limited amount of buttons for you to press, doesn’t mean that they are easy or becoming boring easily. A good level designer will surprise with entirely new mechanics that will have you cursing the moment you installed the game in the first place. Spinch does great in that regard. Even the boss stages feel refreshing once you reach them and make you actually spend some time there before you can get past them.

Something else special to note is that the game’s soundtrack was made by famed Canadian artist Thesis Sahib. The sounds of the game were actually quite intense. I am still not sure if that is a good or a bad thing but what I do know is that quite a bit of love was put into creating the crazy world of Spinch. From the 8bit synths playing in your ears, to the colorful and vibrant design of the visuals, there’s so much to love in this platformer.

Just when you think Steam was done with 2D platformers, Spinch rolls out of nowhere to bring something new to the table and make you break a sweat in order to get to its very end. Spinch is most definitely one to have in your library if you are a fan of platformer games in general and even more so because it’s a game that for its price will deliver more than enough content.

You can find Spinch on: Steam, Nintendo’s eShop, GoG and the Humble Store.

Watch the trailer for Spinch here.

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