Space Grunts Review

If there is something that we’ve learnt from this era when companies like id Software left their mark, it is that in space troubles that killer aliens and demons are involved, there always badass characters that are ballsy enough to exterminate without mercy anything breathing that had the audacity to come within range. They might not have been ready to get into this bloodbath at first but someone has to bell the cat in the end of the day and put the galaxy in order. Just like our heroes are doing in Orangepixel’s game, Space Grunts.

Space Grunts is a strategy RPG game that released first on mobile devices and is now available also on Steam. The story of the game takes us to year 2476, when the Space Federation of Earth had created various space stations all over the galaxy. Of course, space and settlements never go together and one of those stations sends out a distress signal. The only hope of those left alive on the station is now in the hands of the Intergalactic Special Forces. That is where the player comes in. As the player, we choose between the roles of Captain, Strongarm and Techjunky, which each and everyone having different stats and capabilities in combat. Choosing one of the warriors allows us to start our journey in the facilities of the station. Our goal is to reach the end without dying an unglorious death to some kind of enemy.

The game in its environment has a lot of things despite the fact that the areas are a bit limited. Inside those areas, the player will begin his exploration with an arsenal of four different weapons (shell, frag, plasma based and melee), which are all modified based on the stats of our characters but are later upgraded through the use of special items. The items of the game, despite boosting our weapons by giving us higher firepower, also boost our character’s attributes by giving us more life, more armor, acid resistance and much more. The available item slots are of course limited making us have to get rid of some of our stuff in case we want to carry others. We can also trade them with survivors of the ship, recycle them in order to get ammo or even use them to repair another item that has been damaged.

Our guns, even though limited in number, as well as our items will help us against our many opponents who are split into various categories. From small parasites to huge spiders, every enemy has its own battle tactics and from that the entire combat system of the game is put into a logic of a shooter in turn based strategy mode. The truth is that I wasn’t very much impressed by the logic of turn-based gameplay since the title is a mobile port. I expected a combat style that was more like a shooter or at least something that would be turn based but with lots of possibilities. There are quite a few weaknesses on this part and those were exploitted by our opponents in combat quite often. Even though the title offers a good challenge, this part I could not justify in any way and it really bothered me since it was seen in most of the fights.

The things are not all that tragic though since the title’s main story will keep you company for about 1 to 2 hours max, without offering anything new afterwards. The title is relying a lot in the competition between players since it’s only certain that players who like challenges will not play it only once. They will most definitely try it again due to the Daily Challanges as well as in order to try the rest of the characters. The Daily Challenges, put the players every day in a survival race to the finish with the finishing time being the key. Victory goes to the fastest player.

I left the performance part for the end, which in the case of Space Grunts is inconsiderable since the game runs on satisfying levels on PC without any technical issues. The general image that the game left me was quite pleasant and despite its imperfections that I myself believe that hurt it as a game. The shooting element on turn based combat could have been configured more appropriately, especially when we are dealing with a PC port. However, my said opinion is not just so that I can bury the game. Instead, I found the game quite entertaining and full of challenges. I could definitely ask for more weapons and items though in order to help with the amount of content.

You can find Space Grunts on Steam at the price of 9,99€


The final verdict concerning Orangepixel’s game is that, the PC port of Space Grunts is a good one and it basically brings the same concept the mobile game has for both old and new players. Even in small duration, it brings a lot of action and challenges for all the players.

+ Challenging and full of action 
Daily challenges
Lots of Items

–  Poor variety of weapons   
Combat system’s logic
Short game time

Score: 7/10

-Vasilis “Eniantas” Kamakaris

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