Solo Gamescom 2017 Interview

Solo is a personal experience for those who enjoy puzzle and narratively creative indie games. Solo is an exploration game in which a sailor is traveling through a vast archipelago, solving puzzles, and wondering about love.

The game is made by Team Gotham.

We found the chance to talk with Juan and Hugo from Team Gotham at Gamescom. They told us that Solo is an introspective puzzle adventure about love. It is a deeply emotional game, its mechanics are based around love and the puzzles have many solutions, exactly like love.

They are trying to create a living world with 3 huge archipelagos that contain small islands on which the player can solve puzzles. With the use of boxes that have different properties, the players can combine them in order to solve these puzzles, creating their own ways.

The developers talked about their first game, The Guest, which was a deeply realistic game and when they finished they didn’t want to do more of the same. Solo is based in a personal experience of one of the developers. The five person team has been developing the game for more than two years and are preparing for a release early next year. Solo will come on Pc first and eventually on consoles. You can already pre-order the game here.

For more info on the game, check out Team Gotham’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

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